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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar - IMAX Kuwait

The Scientific Center presents their new IMAX 3D film 'Island of the Lemurs'.

This what I think of when someone mentions lemurs.

Love it!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two women to be lashed for WhatsApp Cussing

A Saudi court sentenced two local women to 10 days in prison and ordered them lashed 10 times each after they were found guilty of swearing at each other on WhatsApp.

The judge at the court in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah tried to reconcile the two but they refused and insisted on charging each other.

“The judge had no choice but to sentence the two and make them write a statement not to abuse each other again,” Arar daily said, adding that it was the first verdict of its kind in Saudi Arabia.-Emirates 24/7

Everyone should always be careful what they send out, especially in this area of the world. A man can divorce his wife via text message and regular cussing can also be used to have someone arrested.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coca-Cola Open Up Story -- Ascia - Kuwaiti-American Blogger

One of Kuwait's bloggers has told her story via the 'Coca-Cola open up story' campaign held this Ramadan. Ascia is a Kuwaiti-American fashion blogger married to a Latino/Kuwaiti fashion blogger. They have a sweet little boy named Adam. You can follow them on IG @ascia_akf and @ahmad_asb
 Such a cute couple!

Random Funny

Here's a video for all of the sensitive bikers upset at my post, lighten up people!

Loss of Kuwait Nationality

KUWAIT CITY, July 21, (Agencies): Kuwait on Monday revoked the citizenship of the owner of a pro-opposition television station and a newspaper, along with several other people, in an apparent crackdown on dissent.In a statement issued after a cabinet meeting, the government said it was revoking the citizenship of Ahmad Jabr al-Shemmari, owner of Al-Youm satellite television and Alam Al-Youm newspaper, and all members of his family.

It took the same action against former Islamist opposition MP Abdullah al-Barghash, two of his brothers and his sister.The measures come a week after the Kuwaiti government ordered a review of the citizenship of people who posed a threat to national security.Monday’s statement gave no specific reasons for the action against Shemmari, a naturalised citizen.

But it noted that it was based on a provision in the nationality law that allows the authorities to revoke the citizenship of people who threaten the state.Al-Youm and Alam Al-Youm have covered the activities of the opposition which has staged mass protests in the past two years, demanding fundamental reforms including an elected government.Alam Al-Youm reported on Monday that the police had questioned its non-Kuwaiti staff and seized their passports.

The cabinet said the citizenships of Barghash and his relatives were revoked because they had been granted on the basis of false information.link
When some people finally get the citizenship they still don't appreciate it. The whole family lost their citizenship, that has he to be an awful feeling.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Recycle with The Body Shop

In an effort to promote the value of recycling in Kuwait, The Body Shop has launched a month long campaign titled “Recycle and Be Rewarded.”  

The recycling drive that started July 2 is being carried out in collaboration with Metal and Recycling Company (MRC).  Customers are encouraged to bring back any The Body Shop product (plastic or glass) to any of our stores and drop it in the boxes provided. These products will then be collected by MRC and recycled at their plant.
For the first two weeks of the drive, the customer takes home a 60 ml Strawberry shower gel for every product returned, and for the last 2 weeks, the customer will get a KD1 voucher redeemable at any The Body Shop store.

Protecting the planet is even more important today than it was in 1976, when The Body Shop first published its five core values.  The Body Shop takes full responsibility for the way the business is run and it is using its global network to help change attitudes around the world. The Body Shop hopes to build on positive efforts already being made by its suppliers, franchisees, colleagues and customers to spread the culture of recycling in the whole Middle East and North Africa region.

Great Job! It's nice to see a big company making efforts toward saving the planet.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kuwait in a 1000 Words

My name is Tim Carr. I am a Filmmaker. I meet a lot of interesting people through my work. I figure why not introduce them to the rest of the world!
Ever been out and about here in Kuwait and seen someone who makes you think "I wonder where they are from" or "I wish I knew what they were thinking"? Well my goal is to talk to people I run into be it through my film work or just around the country and answers those questions and more! Hope you enjoy!
This is a new campaign by Tim of TJC Films, he's putting together a documentary about people in Kuwait. If anyone would like to tell their story or find out more information about his project you can view his YouTube and Facebook pages.