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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

British man attacked by Saudi religious Police

A member of Saudi Arabia’s influential religious police attacked a Western man and his wife in a public place, triggering an official probe into the incident.

A short YouTube film showed the member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice jumped over a car and assaulted the couple.

The film, published in the Arabic language daily 'Ajel', showed a large crowd tried to stop the Commission member as the Briton was heard in the background screaming at him.
Newspapers quoted the Commission’s chairman Abdul Lateef Al Shaikh as saying he had ordered the formation of a committee to probe the incident.

“We will announce the outcome of the investigation soon. If the committee finds that it was the fault of the Commission member, then we will take stringent measures again him.
"We will not accept that any foreigner living in the Kingdom is harmed.”

'Ajel' said the woman also assaulted the Commission member during the scuffle, adding that the Commission is also trying to determine where the incident occurred.

'Ajel' and other newspapers said the man could be British while his wife might be Saudi.

School crisis in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Public and private schools in Kuwait are welcoming the new academic year, but some expatriate children will not be able to attend school due to residency and financial difficulties.
In an unfortunate turn of events, both Noora (not her real name) and her husband lost their jobs just a month apart from each other. Their 12-year-old daughter, who should be in sixth grade this year, will not be going to school. “I did not enroll her this year because of the current work-related situation we are facing. We have no money to send her to school. She understands and we told her about our financial troubles,” Noora told Kuwait Times.
“I didn’t want this to happen, but have no choice. I hope she’ll be able to join again in the next school year,” she said. Noora was a secretary at a recruitment agency while her husband worked as an office clerk. They are currently looking for employment. “We have a limited income, so we have no savings at all – we spend most of our salaries on rent, food and school fees, so we haven’t saved enough money to continue schooling our daughter,” she explained.
In Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, an Indian couple will not be sending their 7-year-old autistic daughter to a school for special needs children. The mother told Kuwait Times that the family could not afford the tuition.
“The tuition fees for an autistic child are far more than regular tuition fees, so we opted not to send her to school. Anyway, her father is taking care of her and teaching her the basics,” she said. Marissa has a different story. She has two children, aged 10 and eight. If they had been going to school, they would likely now be in fifth and third grades. Instead they are at home every day, watching children’s television programs. “As much as I want to send them to school, they cannot because they don’t have residency,” she said. Marissa works at a flower shop while her husband works in the kitchen at a restaurant in Hawally. “Even if they had residency, we cannot afford to send them to school because we barely make enough to survive,” she explains.
Marissa’s KD 150 monthly salary is just enough to pay the rent. Most of her husband’s KD 200 income is sent to his family back in the Philippines and the remaining goes towards their food requirements here. “Sometimes I do not understand him,” Marissa rued. “He worries about his family back home while sacrificing the education of his children,” she said. The Philippine Embassy assists Filipino parents willing to send their children back home. “I applied last year to send the children to the Philippines, but my husband backed out. He said he could not bear to be separated from his kids. Now the kids are learning ABCs on the television, and most of the time I teach them and buy them books to read. The elder one is very smart, but the youngest wants to watch TV and does not want to be bothered,” Marissa said.
Hossam, a Syrian salesman working in Salmiya, also has a 12-year-old daughter who is out of school. In fact, she has never attended a single class. “I don’t know my husband. I told him to send our daughter to school a long time back and he kept on promising he would, but until now she’s out of school and I have stopped asking,” Hossam’s wife told Kuwait Times. “I heard him say years back that he would not send our daughter to school because she’ll be married off and eventually leave us. I thought it was a joke, but this is happening now,” she said.
Last month, Romy decided to send his family back to the Philippines. He has two sons, aged 12 and 10, but he felt that he could save more money if his family stayed in the Philippines. “I felt stressed financially in the last two years. My salary increased only a little but everything here in Kuwait went up, from rent to basic goods. So I felt the need to sacrifice – the money I earn here is no longer viable to give them what they need. So I sent my wife home with the two children. We’ll set up some business and if it goes well, I will follow them next year,” Romy said.
Lina, another Filipino expat, has also felt the financial pressure. Lina’s four children will be heading to the Philippines next year. “About time perhaps to send my kids back home. It’s really hard to sustain the needs of our kids here, especially school fees. My eldest son is 14, so I can entrust him with his siblings. The situation is very difficult because of the high cost of living. My husband and I have agreed to this,” she said.
By Ben Garcia
I feel for these parents as there is zero job security in this country which means everyday you will worry if you will have your job tomorrow. The school fees go up and up but the quality of education is low. Some schools have lower fees but in turn the parent has to pay for every single item like paper, pencils, books etc. while other schools make you pay a fortune for the school uniforms. ESF charges almost 100 KD for their uniforms because they supposedly come from the same place that made Harry Potter costumes or something like that.
Some schools get the uniforms from Syria or other places where the prices are almost nothing but charge 15 KD or more for shirts and pants, you will have to replace them before the end of the year because of the low quality. My favorite event is when the school decides to change their colors and when you go to pay the fees they tell you to buy all new uniforms. NO ONE REGULATES THE SCHOOLS to make sure they are performing.
Cambridge school had children sitting in the library doing nothing because the Arabic teacher would never show up. If there isn't a teacher for a certain subject the kids would hang out somewhere until that class period was over. Parents are paying a lot of money for a mediocre education.

Female takes out Harasser

Woman turns on eve-teasers, sends one to hospital
KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: One of the four youths who was badly kicked by a young woman inside a commercial complex in Al-Rai had to be rushed to a hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily quoting police sources said this happened when four youths were eve-teasing the three women. The youths reportedly followed the women wherever they went until the women to the surprise of shoppers in the area, turned on the youths and started beating them. One of them kicked the youth on his private part and he had to be rushed to a hospital. A case of eve-teasing has been filed against the youths. Six other persons have been referred for further interrogation.

That'll show them!

Handicap parking Sign

These signs are posted in the parking lot of Jabriya co-op.
'Don't look at my parking- look at my burden'
 This guy had no handicap permit
'If you want to take my parking- take my burden'
I'm not sure about the English translation, I'm sure it has a different vibe than what it says in Arabic.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait- Abandoned

I was driving through Salmiya looking for some scenic spots for pictures when I passed by Hard Rock CafĂ© and then I remembered it had been closed down. What I found was something that happens all over Kuwait- abandoned/destroyed properties that have closed. There has to be another solution for handling closed properties other than letting them sit and rot. This could be used as a venue for something else while the owner figures out what they will do with it. 


I will take the Chevy hanging from the ceiling if they are going to throw it away. It would be the perfect location for a Shakshooka/Qout market theme but alas the property is better to be left to rot than to let anyone take it for free/cheap.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lusail- Qatar's new City

 Qatar builds a new city

 Rather than just build some new stadiums like most host countries, the filthy rich State of Qatar is spending $45 billion to build a whole new city from scratch. Lusail will cover 28 square miles on the desert coast along the Persian Gulf approximately 9 miles from Doha, the country’s largest city.

And it will be a metropolis of the future: Plans include a commercial district, a lagoon, two marinas, a swanky shopping mall, luxury hotels, a hospital, a zoo, golf courses, a snow park, a Six Flags amusement park and more. For getting around town there will be a light rail, underground pedestrian tunnels and water taxis. Everything from transportation to communication will be controlled by command center computers. And yes, people will actually live in Lusail – there will be housing for about 250,000 people

Of course, there will be an environmentally friendly 86,000 seat stadium for the finals of the World Cup. It certainly will be a shiny new toy of a city. But some are worried there will also be a price beyond the billions the government will spend building it. Qatar is notorious for the deplorable treatment and exploitation of its approximately 1.4 million poor migrant workers. At least 1200 have already died working on World Cup projects, and in March, a report from the International Trade Union Confederation estimated that 4000 migrant workers will perish working in Qatar before the World Cup begins. 

Six Flags? I thought UAE was bringing Six Flags? I wish someone would bring a great amusement park to this part of the world. Unfortunately UAE has a lot of humidity which means only winter visits to the place. I do wish they would adopt the Mall of America idea which I posted about before. It's an amusement park inside of a mall and not like these cheesy ones we see now, I'm talking real rides and entertainment inside an air conditioned mall. FYI- to those making the new city please include more private schools for expat children, there are only a few and the tuition is double the amount Kuwaiti schools charge.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

DynCorp Recruiting

It's pronounced Dyn-Corp not dynacorp....A little FYI

Car accidents in Kuwait

The truck got T-boned when making that dangerous U-turn in front of Rosa Castle building/Starbucks in Mangaf area.
 This guy took down a light pole in front of Olive Garden in Mahboula. The debris field was pretty big with the light pole down and the lights from the pole ending up further down the road.

It was reported the guy lost his right foot?

Friday, August 29, 2014

DJ Rajeesh on 99.7

On my way to my sister's house I was listening to 99.7 and I'm guessing the DJ was Asian and he totally reminded me of Reza Mohammed.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Toys from China

I really wish there were toys stores like the ones in the states here. Yes, I know there is a Toys-R-Us here but in the states you can get them from Wal-Mart and Target and they aren't toys from China like they are here. The stores here are full of fake knock-offs yet the price for them is the same as the original ones and a lot more scary looking.
Handsome Tim for all the lonely ladies out there:

 How about a game obviously from the 90's...the picture shows the age.
I try to order toys online or when my mom visits the states she will bring a few things for the kids, I can't justify buying cheap plastic toys from China that cost a fortune and break the first day.