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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lusail- Qatar's new City

 Qatar builds a new city

 Rather than just build some new stadiums like most host countries, the filthy rich State of Qatar is spending $45 billion to build a whole new city from scratch. Lusail will cover 28 square miles on the desert coast along the Persian Gulf approximately 9 miles from Doha, the country’s largest city.

And it will be a metropolis of the future: Plans include a commercial district, a lagoon, two marinas, a swanky shopping mall, luxury hotels, a hospital, a zoo, golf courses, a snow park, a Six Flags amusement park and more. For getting around town there will be a light rail, underground pedestrian tunnels and water taxis. Everything from transportation to communication will be controlled by command center computers. And yes, people will actually live in Lusail – there will be housing for about 250,000 people

Of course, there will be an environmentally friendly 86,000 seat stadium for the finals of the World Cup. It certainly will be a shiny new toy of a city. But some are worried there will also be a price beyond the billions the government will spend building it. Qatar is notorious for the deplorable treatment and exploitation of its approximately 1.4 million poor migrant workers. At least 1200 have already died working on World Cup projects, and in March, a report from the International Trade Union Confederation estimated that 4000 migrant workers will perish working in Qatar before the World Cup begins. 

Six Flags? I thought UAE was bringing Six Flags? I wish someone would bring a great amusement park to this part of the world. Unfortunately UAE has a lot of humidity which means only winter visits to the place. I do wish they would adopt the Mall of America idea which I posted about before. It's an amusement park inside of a mall and not like these cheesy ones we see now, I'm talking real rides and entertainment inside an air conditioned mall. FYI- to those making the new city please include more private schools for expat children, there are only a few and the tuition is double the amount Kuwaiti schools charge.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

DynCorp Recruiting

It's pronounced Dyn-Corp not dynacorp....A little FYI

Car accidents in Kuwait

The truck got T-boned when making that dangerous U-turn in front of Rosa Castle building/Starbucks in Mangaf area.
 This guy took down a light pole in front of Olive Garden in Mahboula. The debris field was pretty big with the light pole down and the lights from the pole ending up further down the road.

It was reported the guy lost his right foot?

Friday, August 29, 2014

DJ Rajeesh on 99.7

On my way to my sister's house I was listening to 99.7 and I'm guessing the DJ was Asian and he totally reminded me of Reza Mohammed.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Toys from China

I really wish there were toys stores like the ones in the states here. Yes, I know there is a Toys-R-Us here but in the states you can get them from Wal-Mart and Target and they aren't toys from China like they are here. The stores here are full of fake knock-offs yet the price for them is the same as the original ones and a lot more scary looking.
Handsome Tim for all the lonely ladies out there:

 How about a game obviously from the 90's...the picture shows the age.
I try to order toys online or when my mom visits the states she will bring a few things for the kids, I can't justify buying cheap plastic toys from China that cost a fortune and break the first day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to Kuwait- orientation from AWARE Center


These orientations are free of charge & provide an opportunity for newly arriving Westerners to meet the AWARE team & discover the many services designed to assist with cultural adjustment & settling comfortably in Kuwait. The Orientation is divided into 3 segments; which are: Segment 1) About AWARE: in this segment, we will talk about the AWARE Center & the activities that we offer & how these activities can help benefit the Western Expatriate to make their stay in Kuwait more comfortable. Segment 2) About the Local Culture: this segment is entitled “Know Thy Kuwaiti Neighbor”. In this segment, we will talk about Life in Kuwait & share some tips regarding socializing with the locals, their beliefs & values, safety tips, Culture Do’s & Don’ts, etiquette when visiting Kuwaiti Homes, & much more. Segment 3) Questions & Answers: in this segment, we will answer any questions that our audience may have related to the AWARE Center, Kuwait or the local culture. Dinner Buffet is included. If you wish to register for our Orientation, you are kindly requested to choose one date and email us: the selected date, your full name & expected number of guests to joumana@aware.com.kw TESTIMONIALS: “It was very informative & helpful. I enjoyed the presentation greatly.” - Martha Borden “Thank you for welcoming us & offering the helpful advice.” - Eileen Begley “Great informative! I really enjoyed learning about the culture from a native.” - Teresa Kovach

Dates: August 27 @ 7 pm, September 4 @ 7pm and September 10 @ 7 pm

Saudi girls flip SUV to escape Kidnapping

A 23-year-old Saudi girl, apparently influenced by action movies, succeeded in aborting an attempt by two men to kidnap her and her handicapped sister when she abruptly pulled the hand brake, causing the captors’ car to overturn.

The girl and her 20-year-old sister were walking to their home in the southern Jazan province when they were intercepted by the two men, who forced them into their car.

“On the way out of town, the elder sister jumped to the hand brake and pulled it up forcefully…the car, which was going at high speed, suddenly veered off the road and overturned,” the Arabic language daily newspaper ‘Ajel’ said.

It said passers-by managed to pull the four out of the car before calling the police, adding that one of the captors was arrested while the other fled.

'Influenced by action movies' - Seriously? I think she just did whatever she had to do to not be abducted. Good for her!

Monday, August 25, 2014

My childhood Toys

I received the box with my childhood toys and opening it up brought some memories flooding back. Pound Puppies, Garbage Pail Kids, Barbies, Matchbox cars, troll dolls, Lisa Frank stickers and Monchichis - the best toys of the 80's.

Matchbox car collection is my favorite toy, they were used and abused with love.