Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sea View restaurant mall/complex Abu Halaifa

Introducing the latest addition to the restaurant boom in the area. Sea View is between the 'Light' mall/complex and Dome mall in Abu Halaifa, adding to the list of burger joints in the area.
 Edo, Skillet Bistro and Costa Coffee
 Pizza Milano, Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar (?), The Burger Joint and Container 75

There are still more spaces, I just hope they don't add more burger joints. There is basement parking which leads out right onto the main street close to the traffic light meaning there will most likely be a traffic pile up trying to get out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Arabic #fail

Lindsay Lohan just can't catch a break with her Instagram posts.

On Monday, the 28-year-old actress shared a mistranslated Arabic message on her social media page that was meant to say 'you're beautiful' but was actually translated as 'you're a donkey.'
The Mean Girls star has since deleted the inspirational quote gone wrong from her account. This latest picture follows her numerous close up snaps she allegedly altered and was ridiculed for. Story Link

January Arabic #fail
Lindsay stick to English please.

Ruby Tuesday Special

Mubarakiya School Museum

On December 22, 1911 the School of Mubarakiya was opened. It all started when Sheikh AlQanai'e led the move to ask people to donate and make a collective effort to establish and construct the first formal school in Kuwait, leading to the opening of the School of Mubarakiya named after the ruler at the time Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah. The school was built for around 80,000 rupees collected from various donors and citizens. It was built in a short span of 10 months, the first batch of included 254 students.

Al Mubarakiya School ratified fees were based on the student's social and financila status. High Class students paid 2 rupees, middle class 1 rupee and poor students were free.

The museum is located off to the side of Mubarakiya down the narrow road that leads to main road. They are closed on Sunday and have morning/afternoon timings.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old Navy comes to Saudi Arabia

Old Navy opened up in Nakheel Mall in Saudi Arabia, I wonder if it's coming to Kuwait. There's already a GAP store in Avenues and Old Navy is under the same company (including Banana Republic) as GAP with cheaper prices.

Private schools in Kuwait Failing

Performance Of 47 Pct Of Foreign Schools Extremely Poor: Report

‘Most Schools Only Satisfy Proprietors Wishes In Reaping Profits’

KUWAIT CITY, April 20: A report prepared by a British team contracted by the Ministry of Education about a year ago to evaluate performance of private schools revealed that the performance of 47 percent of foreign and bilingual schools in the country is extremely poor and a failure.

According to the report, most of these schools only satisfy wishes of the proprietors in reaping profits quickly which they prioritize over necessary educational activities. It states these schools which often claim to be academically excellent have very poor performance and 88 percent of bilingual schools are rated as such.

In addition, 65 percent of schools which follow British curriculum are unacceptable and 50 percent of those following the American curriculum were rated not satisfactory.

The report disclosed bilingual schools are not supposed to be called as such because they are using two totally different curricula, so they cannot train students to the level of desired excellence. It added these schools lack proper administrative leadership and some of the teachers do not have the required experience and competency to implement the curriculum appropriately.

It's about time this came to light, as a parent I already know what goes on in the British schools. I've watched countless children repeating the IGCSE after their parents already paid 700 KD for them to take the tests. The parents have to turn around and pay another year of tuition and another 700 KD for the tests. From what I've been told the tests don't include the work the kids had been taught for the past 2 years making it virtually impossible to pass.

In the British schools they get a certificate but when they want to use their transcripts they can't because they have failed. Some families can't afford to turn around and pay more money so their children are left with what? My friend who is British is paranoid of it happening to her daughter so she finally put her daughter into a bilingual American school to avoid failure but the American schools are more than a thousand KD more than British.

The teachers also make money by tutoring the kids during the IGSCE study period before exams, what exactly is the use of going to school if they aren't learning what they should and they need a tutor. How lucky we are that the 2015/2016 school year tuition will not be increased but the following year the door is open. It's all about money for the owner who may or may not be providing teachers their residencies, housing and transportation.

TES Car boot Sale

Monday, April 20, 2015

Medical fees for expats to Increase

KUWAIT: Fees for medical services for expatriates will significantly increase, and while the ministry undersecretary refused to reveal the new amounts, he confirmed that the committee studying the rise completed its work and submitted a report to minister Dr Ali Al-Obaidi.

Dr Khalid Al-Sahalawi, the ministry’s undersecretary, said “medical services for expats in all government sector facilities will be 20 percent less than the private sector, while there are services that will be free including emergencies and accidents”. He said current fees are much less than the private sector, which is a squandering of public funds and causes congestions in x-ray and laboratory departments.

Sahalawi said the health insurance hospitals company will care for expats and will build three hospitals and 15 health centers to treat them instead of going to health ministry hospitals, which will reflect positively on the service given to Kuwaiti citizens. — Al-Rai

Supporting Autism in Kuwait

On April 16, 2015 there was a party in Wahran park supporting autism in Kuwait. What a great site to see, children with different disabilities getting the chance to have fun and be free around people who care about them. 

I applaud the volunteers who take time to care for these children and adults, keep up the good work!