Friday, March 27, 2015

Operation Hope Yard Sale

Everything is ready for the OH yard sale tomorrow. I hope everyone will join us for a day of shop til' you drop!

Thanks to all of the kind people who donate and make it all possible.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Illegal Animals in Kuwait

I saw this video on Mark's blog, after reading the comments and watching I had to re-post it. There's so many wrong things! I would have liked to see her record an interview with the Cannibal guy who was eating the live rabbit and Hanan the animal activist but that didn't happen. The guy did make some comments about Saddam Hussein, Drag 965 is involved with illegal animals and at 21:27 the singer from Kuwait Miami is there as well. 

She also interviews someone from the zoo, yes there are people behind the scenes of the zoo but the girl couldn't say much due to censorship and the wrath of the government for telling the truth. There are certain people on earth who are walking advertisements for birth control and this guy definitely qualifies!

This has connections to the maid killed by a lion last year, go to mark 26:00. Yet this guy still roams the streets of Kuwait! 

The Hits Market

Kuwaiti Diwaniya

Visit their website to register.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Professional driver scares Instructors

She is awesome, one day I will learn to drive manual!

Russian caught with Alcohol

A Russian national was nailed by security officers for trafficking in alcohol, and 345 bottles of exotic liquor were confiscated from his possession. An Interior Ministry press release said the Drug Control General Department was tipped-off about the activities of the suspect, and he was placed under surveillance by detectives until the information was confirmed. Armed with search and arrest warrant from the Public Prosecution, the officers raided the apartment of the suspect and also conducted a search inside his car where they recovered 345 bottles of imported liquor. He admitted ownership of the contraband, but claimed they were for his personal use. He was referred with the contraband to concerned authorities.

Damn, this man had some premium alcohol. I bet they will 'destroy' it like they did recently with a bulldozer. I wonder how much of it was actually 'destroyed' by drinking? No way the alcohol was 'destroyed' I'm sure the bottles were filled with tea or something to make it look like they did their job.

Operation Hope Yard Sale

Catch OH's yard sale this weekend, the last open day of the season. OH will be closed until summer ends so this is your last chance with low low prices.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Donations for Operation Hope's Mother's Day Event

Every year Operation Hope holds a Mother's Day gathering for their supporters. Tickets are sold for 20 KD and all proceeds go directly towards supporting the less fortunate in Kuwait. OH supports several embassies and special cases that are approved by the committee. OH team has helped provide two wheelchairs for expat children and helped repatriate a maid who survived a really bad accident and had to be flown back to the Philippines on a medic flight as well as financial help for her mounting medical bills.
There are still 17 tickets left for the Mother's Day event to be held on April 25, 2015 from 8:30 am til noon if anyone is interested in joining OH at the English Tea Lounge. There will be games and prizes and amazing food as well.

OH is also looking for donations for the event:

--Donations wanted: Business owners are kindly asked to consider making a donation of one or more items from your business to support this year's Mother's Day Tea.  All donors will be mentioned at the event and in a follow-up news article (Arab Times), which will be written by Photo/Journalist, Mrs. Claudia Al Rashoud.  Furthermore, your donation will bless our fundraising event greatly!  Interested business owners should contact Sheryll Mairza at  Your consideration is most appreciated.  

I'm sure there are several companies in Kuwait who have corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in place and are looking for new ways of implementing them. Find out more about Operation Hope on their FB page. A little effort goes a long way!

Mad Stand Comedy Event

You can book your tickets here